As soon as you have used GPS Logistic PRO, you will immediately feel the difference compared with any other tracker you had in your hands so far. GLP is open to all your needs – have a look at features.

Smart as never before

GPS Logistic PRO automatically adapts to the style of the driver.  If a driver has some bad driving habits – you will know it thanks to the ecodriving module. If most of the monitored routes are on motorways then the device will do some magic in order to save on data usage. On the other hand, if you need to communicate with the driver – use the FMI communication standard with our data saving algorythm.

GPS Logistic PRO - Smart as never before Video


GPS Logistics Pro will alert you remotely in case of any problems with the vehicle. By connecting to the CAN bus, the device will search and display the error codes appearing on the vehicle’s dashboard.



Vehicle warranty clearly indicates the conditions for tampering with the electrical wiring system – you must not cut or solder CAN wires. Our SafeCAN solution makes it possible for you to read CAN data without breaching the warranty. The power to the adapter is supplied directly from GLP, and the installation is very easy.


Thanks to GLP, you can check the drivers’ driving style. The device is fitted with a number of sensors that detect: cornering, braking, rapid acceleration and braking. Be alerted of any misuse of the vehicle.

Wireless immobiliser

Connection to the CAN and a broad range of additional sensors and accessories provides additional protection against vehicle theft. The investment in GPS Logistic PRO makes it possible for you to control every entrance and exit – you can disconnect the ignition, detect the movement of the vehicle and control fuel. If someone tries to jammthe GPS or GSM signal – the transmitter will detect it and inform you about it.


GPS Logistic PRO has a built-in backup battery – if you disconnect the device from the vehicle, the device will still transmit the signal. You will be informed about it and will still be able to connect with GLP.


Driver identification takes place via a wireless key – a transmitter automatically detects the key that is in it’s range. GLP also supports 1-wire and Dallas iButton solution..

Wireless immobiliser gps logistic pro canbus
GPS Logistic PRO with built-in battery

FMI Terminal

The device supports Garmin FMI protocol – 400 messages take only 70 kB of data transfer. Communication is completely wireless.


GPS Logistic PRO connects to the multifunction drones by means of AES encrypted wireless communication. The drones enhance the capabilities of the transmitter.

Firmware and configuration over the air

Wireless method offirmware updates and device configuration – all you need to freely upload full configuration of the device or read individual parameters of settings is access to a computer with the internet. Implementing smart FOTA was designed to reduce device maintenance costs and total cost of ownership (TCO).


GPS Logistic PRO gives you the ability to remotely read the contents of the memory of a digital tachograph. The data are stored in the DDD format and are afterwards secured with appropriate certificates. The files from the driver card can be downloaded from the driver, who puts the card into the reader.


Connection to CAN bus, assembly of a fuel probe or installation of a flow meter – these are the methods to control fuel consumption with the GLP’s telemetric station.


GPS Logistic PRO is integrated with MobilEye anti-collision system – this solution has a huge impact on the analysis of driver behaviour and safety of their driving style. By combining these solutions, it is possible to detect situations in which the driver does not keep a safe distance, deviates from the driving path or drives in a risky way. All in real time and remotly.


The device gives you full freedom to control external systems through digital outputs– you can lock the ignition in many different ways: remotely via SMS, with a wireless key, RFID card or DALLAS chip. You can define over 10,000 phone numbers with permission to launch the vehicle.


Garmin FMI protocol has been implemented at GLP tracker level. The device wirelessly contacts with GARMIN communication terminals and additionally it is very resource-efficient – 400 messages take only 70 kB of data transfer.

Energy saving mode

Sleep mode – 7.3mA @ 12V, 3mA @ battery
Normal mode – 70mA @ 12V, 90mA @ battery
Sending data – 250mA @ 12V, 350mA @ battery
MAX (Battery charging) – 350mA @ 12 V


The device can be connected to a CCTV camera – it is a way to record video directly from the driver’s cabin or cargo space.


Optionally, drones communicating with the GLP’s telemetry station via AES encrypted communications enable complete protection of cargo space in the vehicle. You can generate any programmed alerts.