If you can dream it, you can do it.
A lot of things has been done in recent weeks, so now we are be able to release new firmware. Here are the highlights of what is going on in GLP Development

Main updates

  • New alarms based on CAN data events. Now you can get immediate alarm if RPMs go above dangerous level.
  • Added additional smoothing on analog inputs.
  • Added 2 additional analog inputs – requires additional hardware hack (ask us for details if you need it – james@rikaline.pl )
  • Improved Garmin FMI support. Solved problem with location in Western and Southern Hemisphere.
  • Solved bug that may have caused GLP not to wake up from sleep model when ALARM0 used logical operator “AND”.
  • Added additional wake up option from motion. Now you can set how many movements and in what time need to happen before event is triggered.
  • Improved events checking after wake up. GLP waits now 20 seconds and checks all events before generating an alarm.

New vehicles

  • Skoda Rapid
  • Skoda SuperBYou can find more technical details in the changelog

Latest software and manual

More information available in change log