New firmware 2.63.04 (2G) and 3.01.07 (3G)
  • If you have problem with 2G coverage in your area GLP can be delivered now with 3G module on board. Availble on request. Please email us for details. Firmware for 3G version starts always with digit 3. First production version is 3.01.07.
  • We added support for active faulty codes for FMS standard. Now you can monitor and display all the information available on the vehicle dashbaord and more. You can find details in the latest manual. In case of GpsGate Server you need to update GLP plugin to latest version and work with script expressions in device mapper.
  • Improved “Monitor” in configuration software.
  • Improved PIN support.
  • Solved bug causing GLP to lose configuration under certain conditions.
New CAN bus configurations
  • FMS configuration extended:
  • Oil Pressure [kPa].
  • Brake PSI [kPa].
  • Primary AIR [kPa].
  • Secondary Air [kPa].
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
New GpsGate plugin (
  • Added string parameter 244 to be used with faulty codes.
  • All string parameters are shortened to 64 bytes.
  • Built in OdometerAcc changed from parameter 30 to 11, data on parameter 11 will be parsed to parameter 11 and OdometerAcc.
  • Added support for buffering chat messages and dispatch when no TCP connection (required FW V2.63.04/V3.01.07).
  • Added support for UDP connections so you can use data forward GpsGate Server feature.
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Latest software and manual

More information available in change log